Bulang Minority

Bulang Minority

Mainly live in the Bulang Shan Mountain area in Menghai, with a total population of 37,000. They have a spoken language, but no written scripts. Ever since the Theravada Buddhism was introduced into Xishuangbanna, They have incorporated words into their own language from the Dai language. In Xishuangbanna, Bulang ancestors were the first to process tea for consumption. Bulang people believe in both Theravada Buddhism and Animism. They have the same festivals as the Dai people. 


Main Festivals

San Gan Bi Mai Festival

Mainly a religious activity, Bulang people go to monastery with offerings and present them to the Buddha for blessings in the New Year. It falls in April, the same period of the Dai New Year. As the grandest festival, they slaughter cows, pigs and practice activities such as tops. They hold archery competitions. Villages also have their traditional dances and songs. 

Closing-door Festival and Opening-door Festival (same as Dai people) 

 Happy New Year                                                       New Year dance

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