Guesthouses in Jinghong

Aka-style Family Guesthouse

Add: No.98, Xuan Wei, Street


Single bed room 300-350 RMB

Double bed room 500-550 RMB

Facilities: western toilets/air conditioner/internet/washing machine service/24 hours hot water supply/bookroom/kitchen/tea and cafe

Descriptions: very clean & comfortable rooms /very quiet /downtown location

Special: The host is a prominent Aka artist who speaks English. He is happy to show you his art works—wooden, and bronze sculptures, embroidered costumes. He also plays Aka traditional music.

Double room                                                               Single room

Internet                                                                        Music instrument

North Bank Hostel

Add: D9. Yijingwan, North Bank of Lancang River


Standard room with air conditioner and common bathroom 70 RMB.

Double bed room with air conditioner and private western bathroom 120 RMB.

Dormitary 30 RMB per head

Facilities: western toilets, free wireless internet service, 24 hours hot water supply, Descriptions:

A little far from Jinghong downtown, very quiet and nice view to Mekong River

Double room                                                                Single room

Lobby                                                                          Mekong River views

Many Trees International Guesthouse

Add: No.5 Manyun Lane, Ganlan Road

Facilities: western toilets, free internet service, 24 hours hot water supply,


Standard room 85 RMB

Standard double bed room 95 RMB

Three twin beds room with air conditioner 40 RMB per bed

Dormitary 30 RMB per head

Descriptions: near downtown, very quiet

Twin room                                                                   Triple room

Bathroom                                                                     Lobby


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