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Ganlanba Region

Located in the southeast of Jinghong is a flat basin with an area about 50 square kilometers and 530 meters above sea level. It is a traditional Dai village complex. The famous Mekong River flows through it. Ganlanba is known as Mohan in the Dai language. It got its name from a legend —    those Dai people who believe in Buddha placed a piece of cotton cloth on the ground throughout the village. Sakyamuni walked on it as he preached.  There we have the name Mohan, which means “rich length” in the Dai  language. Entrance fee: 100 RMB.

The Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden

This garden is located in Menghun Town in Mengla. With an area of 900 hectares, it is the largest botanical garden in China and has the richest plant collection in the country. This garden specializes in tropical botany, forest ecology and plant preservation, etc. Inside the garden there is a hotel—Tropical Botanical Garden Hotel. In the early morning and late afternoon the garden is very quiet. A good time to meander about, does some individual botanical research or just enjoy. Entrance fee: 80 RMB.

Wild Elephant Valley

Mainly located in Mengyang Nature Reserve, 30 kilometers away from Jinghong exists wild elephants. The original rain forest provides an ideal habitat for wild elephants. At present, there are about 300 wild elephants. There is 2 kilometers long cable lift through the area for viewing the primitive forest. It has butterfly garden, snake garden, bird garden, monkey garden. Entrance fee: 65 RMB, one way cable lifts: 40 RMB, round trip 70 RMB. Elephant show time: 11:00-11:30, 13:30-14:00, and 13:20-13:50. 

The Jingzheng Octagonal Pavilion at Menghai County

Octagonal Pavilion is 70 kilometers away from Jinghong. The present Octagonal Pavilion was rebuilt in 1981. The original one was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976. There are ten roofs in total on its upper part signifying different levels of Buddhists’ self-cultivation; eight attics are arranged around its roof which represents the eight disciples of Sakyamuni. It has layers upon layers of steeples and upturning eaves with bells jingling in the wind, all those symbols of the dissimilation and flourishing of human morality. Entrance fee: 20 RMB.

The Bamboo-shoot-shaped Buddhist Tower

The White Stupa is 60 kilometers away from Jinghong. It is famous for the footprint left by Sakyamuni. With 8 centuries history, it was designed by the people of India, eminent monks and built up by local Dai people. When looked upon from afar, it looks like a snow-white cloud that carries unfathomable mysteries. But when taking a closer look, it is just a batch of mushrooming shoots that will grow into a giant bamboo groove. There are almost no tourists who come here. Entrance fee: 10 RMB. Some times no collects it.


Monastery and Little Monks

All Dai people in Xishuangbanna worship the Theravada Buddhism. All the Dai boys take it as their greatest pride to have the experience of serving as “little monks” in the monastery and believe this to be the surest way to the blessings of Buddha. The Dai monastery serves not only as the place for reading the Buddhist scriptures but also for monk promotions and sacrificial rites ceremonies. As for preaching, monks believe that reading the buddhist scriptures soothes the earthly sufferings. 


Mengbalanaxi Culture Show

As the long-held Culture Show goes, the well-selected performers, colorful costumes, wonderful light effects and spacious stage are impressive.

(Start time: 20:10, it lasts 1 and 40 minutes, price of ticket: 180 RMB for normal seat, 180 RMB for senior seat, 280 RMB for VIP seat.)


Mekong River

The 6th biggest river in the world with total length of over 4500 kilometers, it originates from Tanggula Mountain in Qinghai Province and winds its way across eastern Tibet into Yunnan. Mekong River in China is named Lancang from Dai language meaning “millions of elephants”. It flows through 6 countries respectively from China to Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

You can hire a dinghy to enjoy the scenes on both sides of Mekong River. 900 RMB boat, it is 180 RMB per head.

Nan Ni Hot Spring

Located in the west of Jinglong highway in Gasa Town of Jinghong, it takes 20 minutes by car from the center of Jinghong City. Hot spring includes fish therapy bath, natural mineral mud bath, Dai salt bath, Yunnan little coffee bath, Puer tea bath, four seasons petaline bath, Dai traditional medicine bath, sulphur spring bath.

Price of ticket: 160 RMB if not ordered, 120 RMB if ordered.


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