Dai Food

Dai-style food

Barbecued fish with lemon grass, fried moss collected from Mekong River, roasted cowhide, steamed pork with banana leaves, barbecued lean pork, stewed rice in bamboo, roasted beef jerky, stewed chicken, steamed eggplant to sauce, Dai pickle, fried pumpkin cake, sticky rice, Dai New Year rice cake, wild vegetable, etc


Dai-style Barbecue

Mantingxiaozhai Barbecue, Manting Road. There are many barbecue restaurants. Special food, very delicious such as steamed sticky rice in pineapple, roasted corn, roasted potato, roasted chicken, roasted pork, cooked mushroom, Dai roasted beef jerky, Dai roasted cowhide, fried bamboo worm, cooked sour and spicy fish,fresh wild vegetable etc


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