Mandian-Aini Village

Route 2



Duration: 1 day

Level: Moderate

Minority visited: Dai, Aini

Landscapes: waterfall, lush original jungle, Dai and Aini villages views, etc

Transport: car


Mandian-Aini Village

By car

2 person minimum

450 RMB per person


Transports, non-alcoholic drinks, breakfast, lunch, an English speaking guide

By car

We start at 8:30 am  by car 1 hour to Mandian Dai village where we start trekking through lush original forest to a waterfall. The trek takes 3 hours round trip. We will return and have lunch in Mandian Dai village. After that we drive to an Aini village with houses on stilts, and then back to Jinghong. On the way we visit a traditional Dai village. This one day trip has about 3 hours of trekking.

Mandian waterfall                                                       Lush jungle

Dai house                                                                     Monastery

Aini village views                                                        Dai village views

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