Duration: 3 days, 2 nights

Level: Moderate

Minority visited: Dai, Lahu, Bulang, Aini

Landscapes: Rainforest, lush original jungle, tea and sugarcane plantations, Dai and Aini villages views, etc

Transport: car or bus



By car/minivan

2 person minimum

1350 RMB per person


Transports, non-alcoholic drinks, breakfast, lunch, accommodations, and an English speaking guide


By bus

If you want to save money, have a local bus experience

2 person minima

1050 RMB per person


Transports, non-alcoholic drinks, breakfast, lunch, accommodations, and an English speaking guide

Notes: We offer from one day to a week of trekking. The more trekkers, the lower the price. For more details please contact us.


The trip by car

Day1: start at 8:30 am by car about 40 minutes to Menghai where we visit morning market with ethnic groups such as Dai, Bulang, Aini, Lahu, etc, then drive to Mengzhe where we have lunch in a local Dai-style restaurant. On the way, we visit the Octagonal Pavilion. We start trekking. We look around a Dai village for a half an hour. The journey is easy walking, first to visit one Bulang village with wooden houses on stilts then through the jungle to today’s destination —an Aini village for dinner and 1 night. On the way we can see tea and sugarcane plantations. Today is about 4 and half an hours trekking.

Day2: after breakfast, we start trekking through luxuriant jungle and 3 Aini villages. Today’s journey is through jungle the first 10 minutes and then we ascend to the top of mountain 1700 meters. This is one and half hours of trekking.  Here we have lunch. We keep walking through lush jungle from stream,valley,bamboo forest to today’s destination —an wooden Aini village for dinner and 1 night. There are tea and sugarcane plantations on the way. Today is about 5 hours trekking.

Day3: after breakfast, we trek through luxuriant jungle and tropical rain forest areas, and then descend down through lush jungle visiting 1 primitive Bulang village, tea and sugarcane plantations. Then we take our car for have lunch in local restaurant in Menghun, then by car back to Jinghong. Today is about 4 hours trekking.

By bus

Same program as above

Necessities of Trekking

Items Required For Trekking

1: A light raincoat or umbrella

2: Sunglass, sunscreen and a hat

3: Mosquito repellent

4: An extra change of clothes, socks and ready with tower and soap for shower

Other items you do not have are offered by us

Matters Need Attentions


No.1: Xishuangbanna Dai, Bulang, Aini people have lots of taboos. It is prohibited to sit against a houses’ holy pillar, touch monks’ head, walk over fire pit, and don’t walk randomly into a village without a guide because you may be bitten by dog.

No.2: don't wear bright clothes and wear a hat when walking into the tropical rain forest. Rainforest has many toxic plants, don’t touch, smell or taste wild fruits and flowers against scratches or poisoning.

Such Matters As:

* Leave your shoes at the door when entering into Dai house, but also in the indoor walk gently

* Do not cross the fire or fire pit

* Do not enter bedrooms

* Do not enter the master room

* Do not sit in the doorway

* Do not mess with the fires

*No whistling or trimming nails

* Take off shoes when going into temple, taboo to touch little monks’ head, statues, and a series of Buddhist sacred flag

Menghai Market                                                         Octagonal Pavilion

Bulang ladies                                                                Rice seeds for sun-shining

Lush jungle                                                                  Barns

Tea plantations                                                           Tea plantations

Sub-tropical rainforest                                                A kind of mushroom

Arbors                                                           Sub-tropical rainforest

Aini traditional headwear                                            Aini kid with traditional headwear 

Aini traditional stilted houses                                     Nice field views 

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