Jinghong- Mandian

Duration: 1 day

Level: Moderate

Minority visited: Dai

Landscapes: waterfall, lush original jungle, Dai countryside views, etc

Transport: bicycle



2 person minimum

400 per person


Breakfast, lunch, non-alcoholic drinks, and an English speaker guide

Equipment provided —bicycles, light raincoat, sunglass, a bicycle helmet, bicycle gloves, flashlight or head lamp

25% discount if you have your own equipment



We start in the morning from Jinghong to Mandian Dai village about 3  hours with 33 kilometers. On the way we can visit Dai villages, banana plantations, paddy rice fields, interesting Dai home gardens, some rubber plantations, etc. We put the bicycles in the Mandian Dai restaurant when arriving, and then do a short trek through a lush original forest to a waterfall. We go back to the restaurant and have lunch. We bicycle back to Jinghong. On the way we visit traditional Dai villages.

Necessities of Bicycle Tour

Items Required For Bicycle Tour

1: Mosquito repellent

2: An extra change of clothes, socks and ready with tower and soap for shower

Other items you do not have are offered by us

Matters Need Attentions


No.1: Xishuangbanna Dai, Bulang, Aini people have lots of taboos. It is prohibited to sit against a houses’ holy pillar, touch monks’ head, walk over fire pit, and don’t walk randomly into a village without a guide because you may be bitten by dog.

No.2: don't wear bright clothes and wear a hat when walking into the tropical rain forest. Rainforest has many toxic plants, don’t touch, smell or taste wild fruits and flowers against scratches or poisoning.

Such Matters As:

* Leave your shoes at the door when entering into Dai house, but also in the indoor walk gently

* Do not cross the fire or fire pit

* Do not enter bedrooms

* Do not enter the master room

* Do not sit in the doorway

* Do not mess with the fires

*No whistling or trimming nails

* Take off shoes when going into temple, taboo to touch little monks’ head, statues, and a series of Buddhist sacred flag

Mandian waterfall                                                       Lush jungle

Dai house                                                                    Monastery

Aini village views                                                        Dai village views


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