3 Days Banna Tour

3 Days Xishuangbanna Tour

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3 Days Tour by car

This is a 3 days local tour plan for recommendation in Xishuangbanna. Day1: start at 8:30 am by car from Jinghong along  Lancang River with colorful sceneries to Ganlanba morning market with ethnic groups such as mainly Dai, Aini, and then drive to botanic garden. On the way there are many Dai villages. After that we have lunch in a local restaurant. After visiting botanical garden, we go to visit a Jinuo village, and then come back to Jinghong.

Dai countryside views                                                 Mekong River views

Strangler phenomenon                                                 Jinuo minority

Day2: start at 8:30 am by car from Jinghong to visit Menghai morning market with ethnic groups such as Dai, Bulang, Aini. After that we drive to Octagonal Pavilion and visit Dai village. On our way from Jinghong to Menghai there are many tea, rubber and sugarcane plantations. We have lunch in Menghai. After that we come back to Jinghong and on the way we visit an Aini village and Aini Museum.

Dai seller                                                                      Rice whisky

Octagonal Pavilion                                                       Old tea plantation

Day3: start at 8:30 am by car from Jinghong to visit wild elephant valley, where we have lunch. On the way back to Jinghong we go to visit floral belt Dai village.

Butterfly gadern                                                          Elephant show

Cable-lift to view lush rainforest and elephants          Floral belt Dai ladies 

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